Monday, October 25, 2010

Flash Floods

Another impressive thunderstorm woke us last night every other hour. And if the thunder and lightening wasn't waking us up a very annoying alarm noise was. We assumed it was a car alarm. For hours it wailed and we cursed the stupid driver who was soundly asleep while the rest of the neighbourhood was evidently not.

This morning we woke up and read the newspaper. It wasn't a car alarm, it was a flood alarm. We live on one of the biggest hills in Malta, and on the sixth floor, so we were never in any danger. In the areas that had very bad flash floods there haven't been any reports of injuries either. But it is quite impressive. We left a bucket outside last night and we easily had almost half a foot of rain.

Have you ever heard a flood alarm? We will be purchasing ear plugs. And this morning? Sunny and hot.

video from
Flooding on the Valley Road, Msida, about 5 minutes down the hill from our flat.
There were no fatalities or injuries.

Msida creek (Valley Road) flooding last night, photo from
Flooding in Qormi this morning, photo from
A coffin shop flooded in Qormi (don't worry, they're empty), photo from


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