Friday, October 15, 2010

The Man Post

I am trying to catch up with J on the blog so I guess I will supply you with a bit of the man point of view of Malta so far.  

J and I have been having a great time getting settled in here.  It’s a bit “odd” how things have reversed themselves from how they were in Halifax. I tend to spend the majority of the day at home, working, doing my schoolwork, cleaning up or taking the dogs out, while J goes to the University or does other things outside the house.   

We have had time to venture out and do a few fun things since we’ve been here. Birgu Fest, daily fireworks and our trips to Valletta, Sliema and the Beach are great changes from the routine. J posted information about how during the first week we were here we mostly went shopping for household items and suffered through my re-learning how to drive a manual transmission car on the other side of the road. 

“Dr. Penfield, it smells like burnt clutch.” (a tribute to Canadian Heritage commercials)

I had forgotten how “old school” Malta is, but it definitely came rushing back as we left stores with our arms full of purchases. People would glare at me if I was carrying one less bag than J, or, my favourite dirty glance was when we left a department store and I was carrying a box full of heavy items and J was carrying 3 or 4 bags full of pillows. Apparently a true gentleman would have manned up and carried the heavy and bulky items.  

As expected, J did a great job decorating the apartment putting up artwork and rearranging furniture. I picked out our first duvet cover, which lasted one week before a more suitable one was found. All in all, every room looks very designer like except…… The Man Cave.

We decided to use the second bedroom as my office, or “Man Cave,” if you will.
Being the stay at home member of the house definitely affected my overall man point status so I decided that I needed to spruce things up in here.  According to Wikipedia, a Man Cave  is “a male sanctuary, such as a specially equipped garage, spare bedroom, media room, den, or basement.  It can be equipped with accessories such as refrigerators, vending machines, putting greens, kegerators, giant TVs, musical instruments, pool tables, and entertainment centers. A man cave may also be fitted out with a bar and sports memorabilia. Upscale sports-themed furnishings are also available to outfit a man cave. These rooms are also often decorated by the male, with little-to-no female influence.”

Although my Man Cave does not quite have the refrigerators, vending machines, putting greens, kegerators, giant TVs, musical instruments, pool tables, entertainment centers, bar or generalized sports memorabilia, it does house my wet speedo and towel after I go swimming. Although the Nintendo Wii still needs a UK power supply, I can watch all the SciFy programming (including any program that starts with the word “Star”) I want on my Slingbox set up in Canada.  Other important features of my man cave include:

  • The floor: mainly used for filing
  • A desk: mainly used for accumulating crumbs on my textbooks or work papers
  • Two single beds stacked in the corner: mainly used for semi-clean (J doesn’t believe in the term semi-clean) laundry storage.
  • Dog beds: will probably be used for those nights when I can’t seem to find the room 5 feet away… with a real bed in it.
  • Two clocks: one on Halifax time and one on Malta time so I can claim that it is always after 5:00 somewhere and therefore a perfectly suitable time to be drinking on my own.
  • A “No Oprah Allowed” sign.
 Despite all of my sarcasm above, the Man Cave is actually a great improvement over my last “office.” 
My former Halifax office (see office chair in back)

I have a great view looking towards Valletta (the capital city) and very few distractions. (Which is apparently important for me and probably more important for my work) The dogs will sometimes sit in the office with me if it doesn’t smell too badly, however, if J is home they would much rather be close to her.  

Oddly enough I bought an orange clock for the wall and orange desk lamp for my desk before I realized that the bedding and curtains in the Man Cave are blue.  It was great to realize that I have reverted to the colours of my bedroom in high school that were previously described as “a rusting 1972 Camaro with un-even blue stripes.” Due to my high school activities including figure skating, cheerleading and swimming, this may in fact decrease the man-points derived from the Man Cave.  

My normal day here usually starts off around 7:00, I usually go do school work for about 2 hours, grab a quick bite to eat, then work for a few hours and go to the National Swimming Pool for a quick swim.  The pool is about a 2 minute walk away from our apartment and is a 10-lane 50m outdoor pool with a diving tank.  I’ve talked to a few people there but I’m not in the best shape yet so I am still avoiding the embarrassment of going at the same time that the local swim teams practice. 

Once I return from the pool I gobble down a great Man Meal (lunch) consisting of life’s essentials: Meat, Cheese, Bread, Cottage Cheese and usually beer or milk.  

(Beer is only included if man-points are at a low level)

J had posted in her last article that it took the dogs about a week to settle in here and that they were a little sick to begin with. The term mud puddles comes to mind but going into detail would not be  appropriate for all audiences. I always get sick once I de-stress, and apparently I had been stressed in the time leading up to moving and once we got here, so, as expected I came down with a cold about 10 days after getting here.  I felt pretty gross but I guess a downside of working from home is that there really isn’t a reason to take a “sick day” and stay at home.  Instead I found myself a few boxes of Mantis (man tis(sue) see photos below) and man-sized Kleenex and trucked on through.  

Yes, they actually sell this here.

All in all it has been an adventure getting started in a new country and I’ve been working pretty hard on up-ing my man-points but all of these efforts seem slightly over the top and I may just have to clean up the Man Cave before someone decides to visit us. That’s all for now from me but hopefully I’ll have a more “intelligent post” the next time around.


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