Monday, October 18, 2010

"That thing definitely isn't light"

We went to the San Pawl Festa in Valletta on Sunday night. It was one big party with fireworks and cheering and confetti falling like snow for hours. The city looked beautiful decorated for the festa with lights and banners. The Maltese have the coolest cultural traditions. We hope some of you get to see a festa while you're here visiting, because (religious ceremony aside) we couldn't wipe the smiles off of our faces all night. Confetti is just as fun as snow and much less cold!

In front of St Paul's Church, Valletta

The beginning of the procession

During the festa a procession of religious figures marches through Valletta

As the procession goes through Valletta the church rings it's bells. One of several bell ringers.

Another bell ringer (notice the lack of ear protection?)

The "relic of St Paul" ("a part of his wrist bone") enters the procession

The star of the show finally arrives. The statue of San Pawl leaves the church (everyone cheers wildly)

St Paul is made of solid wood and is carried by those men through the city for about 4 hours.

"That thing definitely isn't light" - M

The procession continues from St Paul's Church through back streets to the Lower Baraka Gardens

A "Band Club" (La Vallette) follows the statue throughout the streets playing upbeat British band songs

That is a yacht (This ones for you dad!) View from Valletta to the Three Cities from Upper Barraka Gardens

Valletta from the Lower Barraka Gardens at dusk

Those aren't rocks, or dog feces, they are olives (cool!) from trees in Lower Barraka Gardens

Near the end of the procession it started snowing confetti

I was very excited about the confetti
The kids were excited about the confetti too.

The procession stopped for confetti and fireworks, again. (Those guys are still under there)

Really, really loving the confetti

Did we mention the Maltese are a little fireworks crazy? Fireworks and fire crackers smoking out spectators in Lower Barraka Gardens

The end of the procession at the Grand Siege Monument (the bell is tolling in the background)

View from Upper Baraka Gardens onto a small portion of the crowd

Heading home. Great night!


  1. We're all very jealous. That looks like a fabulous evening and I would have loved the confetti too. Looks messier than Time Square after New Year's Eve!


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