Saturday, January 29, 2011

january round up

We took a blog hiatus as we got busy with exams and work towards the end of January. The blog got a new spring look (it's pretty much spring here) and we'll have lots of blog posts soon as we travel around Europe in the coming month. In the mean time, here's a round up of our month in pictures.

enjoyed spring-like days in january
watched random fireworks from our rooftop terrace

studied for exams with ellie
explored a perfect little green space in the middle of the city

enjoyed the protection of our moth eating guard dog

explored the nooks and crannies of valletta
decided not to put our future guests up here
went to the citrus festival (festa tac-citru) in lija

had fresh orange juice just picked from the tree

toured the president's gardens at the citrus festival

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  1. oh my gooodness ellie underneath the papers and attacking the moth... hahaha



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