Sunday, January 2, 2011


Our first New Years in Malta exceeded our expectations. New Years has always been our favourite holiday. Not only is it completely secular but it is also a blissfully pressure-free holiday after the stress of Christmas, and it piggybacks on Christmas' warm and fuzzy feelings of togetherness. And there's champagne. Like we said - it's our favourite holiday.

Bus terminus in Valletta at New Years
As we observed from our perch on top of the island, Malta was fairly lit-up on Christmas Day. But on New Years Malta was, surprisingly, more lit up. And louder! Church bells tolled for hours on both New Years Eve and New Years Day. And on Christmas? Not a ring. We never claimed Malta wasn't confusing.

We always have a low-key New Years and decided to continue this tradition in Malta. We headed down to the civic celebrations in the capital of Valletta. We enjoyed the "street meat" and the booze flowed freely at stands in every street and in front of every building, including the law courts. "Drinking in public" is illegal in Malta...but clearly not enforced.

J enjoying the music in Piazza San Gorg
At Piazza San Gorg (St George's Square) musical entertainment was provided for the thousands who flooded Valletta for NYE festivities. In Halifax at New Years we are used to listening to bands in Grand Parade such as Blueberry Grunt and Twelve Bagpiping Bearded Men (don't quote me on that band title) but in Malta there was techno, pop and chart toppers all night long. Believe it or not, even the over 50 crowd seemed to enjoy this. And the Maltese crowds totally beat Canadian crowds (sorry, Canada). They were polite and boy were they happy! They interacted with the DJs and musicians and danced for hours. It was a really great atmosphere.

Be sure to check out the dancers - of all ages!

A better idea of what the Piazza looks like

We headed out of Valletta around 11 pm. We suspected that we would have the best view of fireworks on the island from our place and I think we were right. At 12 o'clock fireworks went off over Valletta, Floriana, Sliema, and several other towns all over the island. We counted approximately 10 fireworks locations that night and were lucky (and sober enough) to film a bit of our view.

We hope you all had a great night and enjoyed your long weekend off. Resolve to do something crazy this year like pick up and move to Malta. Or at the very least resolve to come visit.


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  1. M & J-sounds like you had a wonderful holiday over Christmas and New Years. We had some fun with the family and even got together with Jack and Kelly (briefly when they stayed at our "hotel"). Keep blogging!
    love and wishes for a happy new year! Bev and Dave


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