Saturday, February 26, 2011

Our Trip to Dublin

Once J’s exam schedule was released, we realized that J had a week off in between semesters so we decided to look for places to go for a weekend.  We looked on the ever-attractive Ryanair site and saw that the only cheap flights that worked for a weekend without having to take time off work was Dublin.

 View from our hotel
Despite being a portion Irish, and liking beer, I really didn’t know much about Ireland, or Dublin, other than they had a potato famine, they have an interesting version of English and that their economy is pretty much in the shitter at the moment. J also didn’t know much about Dublin but was too into study mode (see last post) to want to plan anything for the trip so left it up to me.  We booked our flights and hotel and decided to look into learning a few things about it before we got there.

About 10 days before we left, J started asking me if I had planned anything yet for Dublin, I answered not really and that I’d get to it.  A week before we left, Jess found out by reading her exam schedule for a second time that she actually had an exam the following Friday and that it ended 2 hours before our flight was scheduled to leave. She wrote her exam and we hopped on a plane to Dublin.

As soon as we got to Dublin we checked into our hotel and went searching for food.  We found a pub close to our hotel where there was a live band on.  We ordered some food & then the band started playing Oasis songs.  I felt strangely like I was back at the Split Crow in Halifax, only it was dark out and only half of the bar was embarrassingly drunk (of which I was actually not one).

We toured the city on a hop-on hop-off tour bus and went to a few places including one art gallery (only one, this is a new record), Kilmainham Goal (pronounced Jail), the Dublin Castle, Trinity College, the National Leprechaun Museum and my personal favourite the Guinness Storehouse “Museum”. 

J at Trinity College
Kilmainham Goal

The objects in the leprechaun museum looked large for  J, but believable because she's small
Whereas I just looked like a giggling elf.
"because we all have a choice"
You can guess what I chose

The Superbowl was on Sunday night starting at 11:30 and our flight was at 7:00 the next morning, which meant catching the bus to the airport at 5:10.  Naturally I wanted to watch at least half of the game but I wasn’t sure what bars would be open and showing the game.  I googled “superbowl Dublin bar” and the first hit was Captain America’s.  So we went to check it out fully expecting it to be full of American expats…. We were wrong.  It was full of 14-18 year old Irish teens drinking brewtenders (beer dispensers) and cheering for the opposite team than the one they thought they were cheering for.  After the 2nd Green Bay touchdown I decided that I was tired and had to wake up in 4 hours so we left the underage Irish to embarrass themselves without my presence.

Wild Superbowl at Captain America's
All in all it was a good short vacation that reminded us a lot of Halifax. We were more than happy to get off the plane in Malta and take our jackets and sweaters off as we waited for the bus home.


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