Monday, May 2, 2011

Coming Soon

We've split up our blog posts (and writing responsibilities) for the month of April. If you're interested there should be posts up soon about our latest visitors to Malta and our travels to Greece (Athens, the Greek mountains and the island of Santorini) and the United Kingdom (London and The Royal Wedding) during the Easter holidays.

Because this does not belong in our above mentioned posts, we thought we should mention here that we are very sad to hear about the recent bombings in Jemaa el Fna Square in Marrakech that killed 15 tourists. We had eaten at the same cafe that was bombed during our visit in Marrakech. We feel terrible for the victims, as well as the lovely people of Morocco who depend upon the tourist industry to make a living. This was Morocco's first bombing (or terrorist attack) in seven years and is undoubtedly a tragedy for all involved.

On another note, please enjoy the latest installment of "Weird Weather" brought to you by two Canadians who thought that weather outside of Canada would never phase them.

Normal cloudy sky in Malta
Brown cloudy sky in Malta... are we on Mars?
No, it's a "sandstorm" also known as "dirty rain" (not a scientific term) about to blow through
The sky gets very dark & cloudy, and turns an other-worldly reddish brown
There's a lot of thunder, lightening, & "dirty rain" that leaves a brown coat of fine sand on everything.
These weather systems blow up to Malta from the Saharan desert in Africa.
Cleaning up the morning after
A little bit of the Saharan on our deck
 A most surreal meteorological experience!

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