Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mike's Family Visits Malta

Sorry about this post being a bit late but my recent crazy schedule of visitors, midterms and work took over my blog writing time. April and May were pretty busy months for Jess and I.  We had 3 sets of visitors come to Malta and we travelled to Greece and London over Easter for two weeks.

Cherie and Tim, my non-related black siblings, (or brother from another mother and sister from another mister) more commonly known as my neighbours from across the street in Bedford (Canada) were the first set of visitors.  They came to Malta for the second week in April.  The weather was pretty nice and we showed them around the island before Tim went back to the UK and Cherie came travelling with us to Greece.

Cherie, Tim, Jess and I at St. Peter's Pool
The water at St. Peter's pool was tempting but I forgot a bathing suit and some family members disagreed with my ideal solution to that problem. 
We took our first real beach day of the year at the Blue Lagoon in Comino
Important items, such as wine, a beer cooler, and those people intimidated by cold-ish water, were floated across the lagoon on the "raft"

We all enjoyed being out in the sun, the fantastic scenery and the cliffs...
(And some of us enjoyed the beverages more than others)

The next set of visitors was my sister Tricia and her husband Nick.  They came at the beginning of May, five days after we got back from London. On their first day here we took a ferry to Sicily and had a big one-day road-trip to the Greek temples in Agrigento, around Mount Etna, and up to Taormina. Once we were back in Malta we showed Tricia and Nick around this island.

Ready to depart for Sicily by ferry at 6:00 in the morning
Tricia awkwardly posing for a picture at the back of the catamaran to make our mother happy that we made sure we were close to the lifeboats
Tricia and Nick at the Temple of Concordia in Agrigento
According to family tradition we had a picnic somewhere on the side of the road on the way from Agrigento to Taormina.  (although no shake 'n' bake chicken was served)
The four of us at the top of Taormina
We only had  an hour and a half in Taormina but we'll be back later this summer, it was a pretty neat place
Lunch at our favourite beach with Nick and Tricia
The last visitor to arrive was my mother, Jan. In the four days between Tricia and Nick’s departure and Jan’s arrival, I had to re-learn the first half of my Consolidations Accounting course and write a mid-term.  I apologize to Jess for my great mood that weekend but in the end the exam went okay and I only have one left to write for this course.

A truly conducive study environment
(on a side note - he burnt an imprint of his laptop onto his lap on this day. he is still getting used to wearing teeny tiny euro shorts- Jess)

Jan came to Malta in 2008 when I was an exchange student so she had seen a lot of the island before.  She was more than happy to relax and enjoy the sun here. Apparently sunshine has been avoiding Atlantic Canada lately. We saw a few new things in Malta with her too, like the War Museum and several churches. We tend not to use our camera when visitors are here and then we steal copies of our visitor's pictures at the end of their trip. Why take double pictures of everything, right? But we seem to have forgotten to do that with Jan's pictures so we will post some once she emails them to us (looking at you, Jan).

Thank you to everyone that came to visit this spring and to Jess for putting up with entertaining my family for the better part of the past two months. 



  1. amazing photos! i totally wish i could trade places with you right now :-) have a great weekend!


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