Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Breaking up with the Malta Bus

Dear Malta Bus,

You've ditched me one time too many, failing to show up to our scheduled dates on time (or at all). That's no way to treat a girl, you know. So I wish to inform you that our relationship has finally sucummed to modern pressures. But it's not all you, it's me. I no longer wish to assume the fetal position while attempting to fit into your tiny seats. I want bigger, better things. I want shocks, and air conditioning, and reliable schedules and well marked bus stops. I want automated stop announcements. I want bus passes and card readers. I want to comfortably breathe at the bus terminal without choking on clouds of black exhaust fumes.

But you can't help that you were built in 1952. And I will always miss your musical horn and you're bright colours. And rocking out to your radio on the way to the beach. Nonetheless, I would like to inform you that our realtionship has come to an end. I've met someone else. And not a moment too soon.
- Jess

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