Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sangria Bianca

It is so darn hard to find a real glass of Sangria, even in Spain. I get so disappointed when a restaurant or bar advertises sangria when really what they serve you is sangria from a carton with cut up apples and oranges in it. Seriously, how is raw apple adding flavour to my drink? That is not sangria.

We aren't really red wine drinkers so when I found this receipe for white sangria I had to try it. It is so yummy and super easy as a summer drink. Move over mojito.


for 2 large pitchers
2 white peaches
2 white nectarines
6 oranges (medium)
1 pint strawberries
2 bottles of any non-oaked white wine
1/2 cup rose infused simple syrup (see recipe for syrup below)
optional - 1 bottle of sparkling water


Don't ask me why you put rose syrup in this. It's one of the great mysteries of sangria and, since it's so difficult to make a good sangria, I just went with it. And so should you.

The recipe I used called for the petals of "one very small perfumey rose". But, silly me, I didn't actually have a perfumery rose lying around the house. (I don't even know what one is, for that matter). So I used the substitution of 1/4 teaspoon of rosewater.

I am not a big fan of fancy recipes that call for too many ingredients I've never heard of and won't know where to buy. But rosewater is used a lot in Moroccan cooking so I actually knew what this one was and I found it in the International foods section of my local supermarket. It should be with the middle eastern food - the brand I use is made in Lebanon.

Step 1: To make rose syrup combine 1/3 cup sugar and 1/3 cup water in a small pot. That's the simple syrup part.

Step 2: Bring it to a boil and let it sit for 10 minutes to steep. (I don't know if you have to steep if you aren't using a perfumery rose, but I let it sit anyway just in case. It took me 10 minutes to cut the fruit anyway, whatever.)


Step 1: Slice the peaches and nectarines into eigths or tenths.

Step 2: Slice 2 oranges (I prefer them in chunks with no skins or membranes - that's how we liked it the most in Spain. Plus I don't like dumping large slices of fruit into my mouth from the glass. It's just not very ladylike.)

Step 3: Halve the strawberries.

Step 4: Juice the other 4 oranges.

Step 4: Add the syrup, orange juice and wine to the fruit, and let the mixture sit in the fridge for 4 hours minimum (for best results) to stew. We think this drink is best when icy cold so ideally chill it for as long as possible in a very cold fridge.

Step 5: Optional - my favourite sangria is slightly fizzy so I added some sparkling water to this recipe. I'm a fizz freak and I don't like flat drinks so I waited until just before drinking the sangria to add the sparkling water to each glass - not the pitcher  - for maximum fizziness. Use as much as you like, or none at all.

Step 6: Drink.

- Jess 

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