Friday, June 3, 2011

SPCA Malta

We recently began volunteering at the SPCA here in Malta and cannot gush enough about how great it has been. We help out at their used book shop and animal home center in Floriana.

The SPCA Malta currently cares for over 100 dogs and puppies and 100 cats and kittens. There are so. many. animals. And they are so lovely! Seriously, if I lived in a cage all day I would be just a little bit grumpy but the animals at the SPCA, particularly the dogs, are some of the nicest shelter animals I've ever met. Which is really incredible because, did I mention, there are over 100 of them?

We don't have a lot of pictures from the SPCA yet. It's a very busy place and there's not a lot of time to whip out the iPhone, let alone a camera. But here are a few to start.

If you live in Malta and want to get involved at the SPCA Malta you can check out their website or Facebook page. Their staff and volunteers are a fantastic bunch. The SPCA is also a great place to send your unwanted books, magazines, textbooks, clothing, linens, blankets, pillows and pet supplies - there is always a great need for anything you can spare. That being said, if you are in the market for used goods in Malta you can check our their thrift shop, Paws4 a Cause, in Sliema. Finally, memberships, sponsorships and donations are another great way to help these lovely animals and this organization that does so much to keep them healthy and find them homes.

Interesting facts about the SPCA Malta:

  • In partnership with Dogs Trust Malta they offer free neutering, microchipping and vet services to qualifying pet owners. Contact Dogs Trust for more information.
  • The adoption process is easy- you can chose and take your new pet home in a few days.
  • It costs 3 Euro per day per animal to feed and shelter each animal at the SPCA
  • The SPCA Malta hopes to one day move their facilties from their current site in Floriana (where they occupy a maze like structure dug into the bastion walls) to Ta Qali where the new Animal Welfare Center has recently been opened - but they need big funds first
  • Can't bring a pet home? You can also help by sponsoring a dog or cat at the SPCA for just 1 Euro/week.

Yeah, I know this sounds like one big advertisement for the SPCA. What can I say? I love it, and I really respect the work they do there. And 100 dogs? Be still my canine crazy heart. You can be sure there will be more pictures of cute creatures to follow.


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