Monday, June 20, 2011

we have a winner!

yes, i win things. and mike has to put up with my squealing for an entire evening about how i actually won something online. but when mike is reading useless things on wikipedia or the globe and mail or playing weird computer games like civilization i waste my time on the internet looking at beautiful style web sites and blogs. and sometimes blogs do giveaways. shopmamie is one of them. i can't remember how i found it in the first place but i really love their stuff.  last week i entered one of their giveaway contests for a summer dress and i was chosen to win!

did we mention we're heading to venice in a few weeks to see the venice biennale?

i know, the horse shoes up our bums are going to give one of us colorectal cancer one of these days. it's okay, at least we know it's coming.

shopmamie is a small independent clothing company run by two best friends based in washington, dc. they ship internationally and everything they sell is under $100. they offer really personal service and they can advise you on sizing and styling. and their stuff is seriously cuter and way more unique than the big box brands. check 'em out. thanks again, shopmamie!

updated - i wore my sweet new dress to the biennale in venice, photos here!

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