Monday, July 4, 2011

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie in Malta

i enjoy a good celeb sighting just as much as the next person. so when i heard that brad pitt and angelina jolie would be in malta for several weeks in june shooting a new zombie movie (world war z) i casually dropped by every possible place they might be hanging out in an attempt to spot them. well, i failed. the whole thing really amused mike who doesn't share my fascination with seeing celebrities in the flesh. but i guess it would be a little awkward to actually see them and whip out my camera, so i'm convincing myself that i was really just spared the embarrassment of celeb spotting anyway.

malta is supposed to double as israel in world war z which, takes place after a zombie apocalypse thing, brad pitt is a UN peace keeper...or something. apparently the book was good. whatever, it's brad pitt.

- Jess
p.s. happy fourth of july to our american readers!

st dominic street filming location

"israeli" police barricades


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