Monday, July 25, 2011

carlos santana concert


maria maria. we saw carlos santana in concert last night. the event was due to be held on the granaries in floriana, the same venue for the isle of mtv concert in june. it is a lovely outdoor space fronted by a large church and surrounded by gardens. but the venue for the santana concert was changed to the convention center in the ta qali national park the morning before the event because of forecasted gale force winds. that was disappointing, as we had been looking forward to another concert in floriana and a dinner in valletta before hand. those gale force winds didn't even show up.

the acoustics at the convention center in ta qali were terrible and we could hardly understand a thing mr santana said (although he was speaking spanish, so most people there couldn't understand anything he said anyway). but the music was good and the guy can still play a guitar like no other.

i hope you all had a great weekend. mike is writing an accounting exam this week but after that (get excited) he might write you a blog post or two.

- Jess

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