Wednesday, July 6, 2011

No Dogs on Malta's Beaches

no more of these lovely evenings.

We are really disappointed in the new legislation which is now in effect in Malta that bans dogs from sandy beaches and swimmer's areas. For now, dogs are only permitted in rocky, non-swimmer's areas of the seaside (depending on the locality). You can find a list of swimmer's zones here

You can read more about the new rules in a very good article here.

Problems regarding irresonspible pet owners and poorly controlled animals should be addressed using more creative legislation which targets and punishes the right people/animals. This legislation, which seems to be badly backed up by scientific facts or common sense, reflects poorly on Malta. This is truly saddening - Malta is a beautiful country and we hate for this little island to be seen in a bad light.

In the meantime, with this new legislation in place we hope that pet owners will find more creativity than the legislators who shaped this ban in seeking ways to keep their animals cool in the summer heat.

- Jess

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