Wednesday, July 13, 2011

online shopping in malta

online shopping in malta is a drag, there's no other way to put it. you spend hours looking at lovely things online only to get to that electronic checkout to find out that you can't ship those lovely things to malta. well i do this, i'm not sure about you. but i refuse to be deterred. here are the things i've learned about online shopping + shipping to malta.


(and this is the most important thing) try to buy things from within the eu. or you might get faced with 100 euro import fees if you ship things from the usa. not that this happened to me... but it could happen to you. which kind of negates that whole i'm justifying purchasing this item online because it's way cheaper than i could ever buy it for in malta plus there's no taxes and shipping seems reasonable. yeah, not so much.

within the eu only.


for regular old household goods i shop on i know it's better to support local businesses but the cost of small appliances and electronics in malta is really high compared to what we were used to paying in canada. sometimes i can't bear to spend almost double the price when i know will ship the very same item to malta for much less.

when i shop amazon i make sure to filter my search to items only. in my experience most independent sellers on amazon don't ship to malta. also, putting many items on one order is cheaper than ordering many items and shipping them separately. obviously.

oh and you know that ship my items separately so they arrive faster option on amazon? don't do it. very often even if there is an item on your order that isn't expected to be avilable to ship for weeks will ship the other items separately to you anyway at no extra charge. they like happy customers. i normally get my amazon orders within 2-3 business days.

find links for more shops that ship to malta on our blog here, including shops like Mango, Gap, Asos, etc.

do you online shop? what's your favourite online store that ships to malta? don't keep it to yourself.

- Jess


  1. you should join our facebook group called Malta Shopping, we all share shopping ideas and tips...

    1. This post has been getting a high number of visitors, who I would definitely recommend the Malta Shopping Facebook group to! I've been using it for months when I'm stumped about where to buy something locally. It is an invaluable resource run by a kind and generous group of people. Check them out!

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