Monday, August 8, 2011

delicata wine festival at upper barraka gardens, valletta

we went to the delicata wine festival this weekend at the upper barraka gardens in valletta. it was a beautiful event (and the views were okay too). the food and wine really exceeded our expectations. we ate a cheese platter, paella, and a salmon platter, and tried all of the rosé wines that delicata makes (piazza regina, frizzante and dolcino were the best). there was also live music by the big band brothers. i love big band music. and at €10 for all you can drink wine this festival was especially kind on the wallet.

it was definitely our favourite festival yet this year, and one of those magical nights in valletta we won't soon forget.
- Jess

steven spielberg's little boat

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  1. We were there too! We look forward to this event all year around. Wine and fantastic music..the big band were amazing and of course the beautiful views. I hope to post on log about it soon :))


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