Wednesday, August 17, 2011

dingli cliffs

it was a busy weekend for our dogs, ellie and win. besides visiting the marsaxlokk market, they also came with us to the dingli cliffs for a very hot hike. and with all of the panting that followed i couldn't help but observe that ellie's tongue is really disproportionately huge compared to the size of her mouth. yikes.

during this time of the year malta truly looks like a little rock in the middle of the mediterranean. by august the wild flowers and grasses have long ago given up the battle against the hot and dry summer. the landscape is one of contrasts; the blue sea against the chalky brown limestone cliffs and hills.



  1. gorgeous! i'd be there in a flash. love malta! my mom's name is "melita" (which is another name for malta, or something?) and so we had to visit the island one summer as a family. :) gorgeous!

  2. @Aspiring Kennedy it is, the romans called malta melita and it also means 'honey'! thanks for visiting the blog, we appreciate your lovely comments.


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