Wednesday, August 24, 2011

għadira bay beach

ghadira bay beach malta

we changed beach alliances three times this year. first we were part of team għajn tuffieha, loved for it's gorgeous cove and quiet vibe. then we moved to golden bay for its convenient facilities. and finally we've settled on għadira bay beach in mellieħa, our second home this summer.

all three beaches are sandy, but għadira is by far the largest sandy beach on the island. its sand is a soft white, compared to the coarser golden sand of għajn tuffieha and golden bay. and the water at għadira is heavenly - crystal clear turquoise blue and shallow.

there are many beach clubs, boat and water sport facilities facilities, lifeguards, and concession stands at għadira beach. patrick tanti tiger ice cream is my favourite stand, with the best ftira surf sandwiches and soft serve ice cream in the bay. seriously, i dare you to not love their cups of chocolate soft serve covered with fruit, nutella sauce, flake chocolate bars and wafer cookies. somehow they fit all that into a cup for less than €3. just try to forget that it's bathing suit season while scarfing you're it down.

with sea temperatures hovering around 27°C or 80°F we have been on cloud nine. coming from atlantic canada there is nothing more luxourious than floating in the warm sea. we zip off to għadira for a swim as often as we can. our frequent beach visits have even turned me into someone who likes the water and swims in it. (miracles do happen.)

thank you, mike, for showing me that the water isn't actually very scary at all. and for driving me out to the beach for sunset swims. and for putting sunscreen on my back. and for trying to take this picture without sunglasses and without squinting into the sun. i love our beach days. 

- Jess

ghadira bay mellieha malta

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