Tuesday, August 16, 2011

marsaxlokk market

we took the pups to the marsaxlokk market last weekend. i think marsaxlokk is the most picturesque seaside maltese village, complete with luzzu fishing boats and a little church. on a sunday morning the market bustles. during the rest of the week the tables and umbrellas of little seafood restaurants spill out onto the marsaxlokk promenade, which is also lined with benches with a perfect harbour view.

vendors at the sunday market sell fresh seafood, produce, souvenirs, and everything else under the sun. literally, under the sun. it was sweltering hot the day we went and the dogs took a few dips in the harbour to cool off (to the delight of passing tourists).

it was also the santa marija long weekend here in malta, with beautiful firework displays in santa marija's honour on sunday & monday evening. we watched four big displays from our terrace, lit off on different parts of the island at the same time. even though we see fireworks almost every other night they never get old for us. except maybe when they are lit off at 8 am on a saturday morning. i'll never understand the logic in lighting off fireworks during the day.

we hope you all had a great weekend. can you believe august is half over?




  1. Yeah the market there is great isn't it!? Though the fish area- omg I have to hold my breath and walk fast through there- I can't stand it hahah

  2. I actually went for dinner in Mxlokk on Sunday. What a great village!


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