Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Meet The Dogs at the SPCA Malta + A Rescue Story

When we first started volunteering at the SPCA in June I promised you photos of super cute adoptable dogs. I'm delivering on that promise today, and please excuse the wait. The SPCA Malta is a super busy place and it's hard to find the time to sneak in to say hello to the dogs. But for you, readers, I will do anything. Including being licked to death by the sweetest dogs on earth.

The dog I am playing with in the photos is a seven month old puppy (fully grown) who was previously homed but was returned to the SPCA (the family decided not to keep him, which must have made him very sad). He is a total sweetheart and so loving, but he is still in that teething puppy stage which many new dog owners find off putting. If you are (or know) an experienced dog owner in Malta looking for an addition to your/their family, he might just be the one for you! The other dogs are just some of the many, many dogs at the SPCA who need a home to call their own. [update - he's been homed!]

There are cats and kittens at the SPCA too. In fact, Mike and I rescued three kittens this week. They had been hiding in a garden under a bush, crying for their mama cat who was nowhere to be found for days. Malnourished and missing a couple of eyes, they needed help. Mike can now add kitten-saver to his C.V., as he grabbed some thick rubber gloves (those things scratch!) and put the kittens in a box to take to the good folks at the SPCA. Allow me to gush for a minute about how adorable it was to watch him rescue kittens.

It was so adorable.

Looking at those helpless, one-eyed kittens in such an unhealthy state reminded us of how critically important it is that everyone spay/neuter their pets. The world doesn't need more stray or feral kittens and puppies, no matter how cute you think they are. And almost everywhere in the world subsidy programs for spay and neutering exist. It really does prevent unnecessary pain and suffering, and ultimately it saves lives.

We will miss volunteering with the SPCA and look forward to joining them again in January. They do such good and important work on this little island. In our wildest dreams we come back in January to find the SPCA empty - all animals in loving homes, and none suffering on the street.
Maybe, someday.
- Jess


  1. such cute puppies!
    and it is too bad that not everyone spays and neuters and then lets their pet run free.

  2. oh my goodness. so sweet. are there a lot of stray dogs and cats in Malta? it seems like a lot of island towns have so many dogs running around. lots of strays on the islands of tahiti.

    i wish i could be a foster to pugs. i have 1 pug and 1 beagle. but i know i would be what they call a "foster failure" because i would end up keeping the dog. but maybe i should look into volunteering somewhere rather than being a foster.

  3. @Anna Elder Yes, lots of strays around here! Volunteering with an animal welfare society is so rewarding, and a great way to meet new people and learn how non-profit organizations are run. You should totally do it!

    It takes a strong willed person to foster, I so admire them! But I would be a foster failure too...

  4. the third pic down on the right hand side (black dog with white on his best) looks identical to our dog Shane which we rescued from Noah's Ark last year! My husband and I may have to come by the SPCA sometime soon :)


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