Monday, August 29, 2011

MLA to YHZ! Back to Halifax we go.

In just one week we will be leaving Malta to spend four months in Canada so that I can finish up my undergraduate degree. We are so sad to be leaving this little island for a bit, but we are consoling ourselves with the fact that Malta will be warm-ish and green in January when we return. And Canada will be entering the heart of the winter season, so we'll be escaping just in time.

citadel hill halifax nova scotia canada
an October day in Halifax on Citadel Hill

There are lots of other ways I am convincing myself that four months in Canada won't be so bad.

We get to live in the same house we lived in before we moved to Malta (a gorgeous old Victorian house which miraculously allows dogs). We can watch English language TV shows with plot lines. I get to try out the Oprah Winfrey Network - a small consolation for Oprah's biggest fan who moved to the other side of the world and missed the entire farewell season of shows. We can eat our fill of Herdez salsa, kosher dill pickles, Bahn mi chicken sandwiches, Tim Hortons chicken noodle soup, and all of the other foods that we have been homesick for. I can go window shopping at H&M (did you like how I threw the word window in there?). We can watch our dogs hop around like bunnies in the first deep snow fall. We get to watch Christmas movies and specials on TV (they don't have them in Malta). I am returning to NSCADU. And, of course, we get to see our friends and family after a whole year's abscence!

On the other hand, we will be missing travelling around Europe & North Africa, Birgufest, beautiful Baroque buildings, the impossiblity of frostbite, swimming in the sea until October, volunteering at the SPCA, seaside BBQs, afforable wine, Maltese bread, and Italian cured meats, our favourite beach, rock climbing, going to the Teatru Manoel, listening to euro club music in the grocery store, driving with the top down in our little blue car, affordable mobile phone bills, the magnificent view from our flat, festas and fireworks, and everything else that makes this island our favourite place on earth.

It's only four months, right?

- Jess

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