Monday, August 22, 2011

New Interview on

Today we were interviewed over at - we would love for you to have a read.  We hope you all had a great weekend, Happy Monday!

- Mike + Jess


  1. this is probably going to be long. i'm totally fascinated with you and others like you who have just decided to pick up and move to that amazing vacation spot. i'm amazed and incredibly jealous of people who are this brave. i say many kudos to you and i just think it's so cool. my fascination with people moving to a completely different country started while my husband and i were in Bora Bora a few years ago. we were walking down the road to the beach and we saw a young boy taking things into his house and we stopped and asked him about the beach - if there was food, etc. (everyone is incredibly nice there) anyway, he looked at my husband's hat and said "are you from oklahoma?" my husband was wearing an OU hat for the Oklahoma University. shocked, we both said "yeah, how in the world did you know that?" he pointed to his OU hat, duh. and then said his mother was from oklahoma and moved to bora bora after visiting and falling in love. i was completely dumbfounded and all of a sudden i wanted to move to bora bora. i'm like, "see! other people do it! why can't we?!" so happy i found your blog bc now i can live vicariously through you and Malta.

  2. p.s. just read your "about this island" and from one art history major (and lover of all things art history) i can totally tell that you are also an art history major. lots of good info the island.

  3. @Anna Elder Anna, you are the sweetest! Thank you for your lovely comment, it's so nice to hear from readers like you. And it's even nicer to see that you enjoy our little corner of the internet. I do hope that you find your way back to Bora Bora again someday soon, I think it looks like a fascinating place!


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