Friday, August 12, 2011

The SPCA Bookshop

Mike and I volunteer at the SPCA Bookshop every week. Sorting through boxes full of donated material I find a lot of strange and wonderful things there. Like school notes, old postcards, family photographs, and children's drawings of Maltese houses (complete with wooden balconies). Sometimes it's awkward finding those personal things, I just want to give them back to their owners (not always possible). But sometimes it's beautiful. Like this little pocket sized book of poetry, smaller than the palm of your hand, sent from one pen pal to another so many summers ago.

The SPCA bookshop sells gently used books, textbooks, school books, and magazines with all proceeds going directly to the SPCA Malta. It's located next to the SPCA home in Floriana (near MEPA) and if you're in Malta I highly recommend stopping in. Used books start at fifty cents and brand new books start at 1. Plus you'll feel good about supporting super cute animals and you'll be enriching your brain with books. Win, win.

open monday-friday, 10am-1pm and saturday 10am-12pm. 
Triq L-Argotti, Floriana, Malta

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  1. oh, i love robert burns. a scottish hero! what an amazing find! lucky you. :)


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