Thursday, August 25, 2011

Two Wieners are Better than One, Anyway.

We own two wiener (or sausage, for you Brits & Maltese) dogs, Ellie & Winnie. They are not from the same litter; we got them about two months apart when we returned to Canada from Malta back in 2008. Mike has already said we can't make this a tradition and get another puppy when we go back to Canada from Malta again this year. Darn.

We separated them for a few hours last week. It's something we rarely do. Winnie came with us to the SPCA Bookshop and Ellie stayed at home (she is a little too high energy to sit quietly in a book shop). We thought it would be a treat for Winnie to get our undivided attention for awhile (and some socialization). We were wrong.

Winnie cried, and cried, and cried. This was really unusual behaviour for Win, it's not the sort of thing she ever does. One of us said Ellie's name and her head snapped towards the door, watching every car and person walking by, crying. We think she might of actually been a little upset about being separated from Ellie. And both dogs looked happy to see each other when we reunited them later. It was weird.

Weird because our dogs are kind of like siblings. They have agreed to like each other because they live together and they sort of have to. They play together because there are no other dogs around to play with. Sometimes they nap side by side, but only to benefit from each other's body heat. So it really surprised us when Winnie was apparently distraught by Ellie's absence. We didn't think that they were that attached.

Lesson learned guys. Two wieners are better than one, anyway.

Do you have a dog or cat (or two, or three)? Do you have any separation stories or advice? Do share!

- Jess

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  1. Cute post (provocative title)! Our kitties are the same way..


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