Monday, September 26, 2011

Back in the 'Fax

I warned you that we wouldn't be posting as often during our stay in Halifax. Thanks for staying tuned nonetheless, although I regret to inform you that my posts might become even scarcer. My workload at university has me feeling a little in over my head, as in six courses and 17-18 hour days full of reading and writing over my head. And Mike is also busy with his work, so posts will be sporadic at best likely until we return to Malta in January.

I'm squeezing in time to write this post as I eat dinner and give my brain a little rest from all of that darn thinking I've had to do lately.

We miss Malta, but being back in Halifax is a nice change. I really missed living in a city, with city sounds, and city people, and city food, and city shopping, and city dogs. There's something to be said for living somewhere thats bustling with life, and we've even been lucky with unseasonably warm weather throughout September. So far, so good.

One thing we really appreciate in Halifax is all of the green spaces where dogs are allowed to run and roll around on the grass. It's certainly something they just don't have in Malta. Here are a few pictures from my (shiny new birthday gift!) iPhone of a (quick) evening walk to Citadel Hill, Halifax's answer to Valletta's fortifcations, if you like.

I disagree with most other iPhone users: I like the new Instagram. But in the overcast skies outside I failed to notice the giant blue blobs in the middle of these pictures. Oh well. Being so busy lately it's a miracle that I notice things like calorie intake and hygeine, so I'm feeling pretty good for staying on top of those things, at least.

- Jess

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