Friday, September 9, 2011

An evening in Frankfurt

We just finished a crazy 72 hour long trip from Malta to Canada this week. Just about everything that could go wrong during our voyage did go wrong. We ended up spending an extra evening in Montreal, lost a bag, found a bag, had a bag broken by an airline, nearly missed a flight, went standby, missed a different flight (and disappointed our welcome home party who were waiting for us at the airport when we never showed up), saw the Dalai Lama on our trans-Atlantic flight (in person! the real Dalai Lama! it was so cool!), had a dog escape from her kennel on the plane, had to sprint across airports, bought new (stupidly expensive airport) luggage, and paid all sorts of airline fees we shouldn't have needed to pay. But thankfully we had complete strangers help us at every turn (thank you, kind strangers). And, thankfully, by the end of our travels so many things had gone wrong that all we could do was laugh. And laugh we did.

The one thing that did go as planned during our voyage was our overnight stay in Frankfurt.

This was our first very-mini-vacation with dogs and it was so fun. First, can I just say how impressed I was with our dog's behaviour after we stuck them in planes, trains and automobiles over those three days. For those of you who know our dogs, you can share in our surprise - they hardly barked, whined, or cried at all. It was wonderful.

Frankfurt was a very dog friendly city. We took our pups on trains and subways/undergrounds and had no problems at all. We also enjoyed some German beer & sausage with our little sausage dogs before taking them for a stroll across the river, where they got a good scare from the river's swans and geese that tripled them in size.

Frankfurt is a really quiet (some might say bland) city, but we can't wait to go back to Germany and see more of what it has to offer. Hopefully we get to take our dogs with us again, too.

sausage/wiener dogs eating sausages/wieners in frankfurt


  1. i totally know what you mean about frankfurt! i think so much of its personality is lost in its modernized buildings and financial districts. i lived there for nearly 6 years and realized the heart of the city is actually in the charming towns outside of it :) cool you got to visit and excited to follow your adventures back in CA (PS..i read your blog and dont comment much...but i absolutely love it and will probably be writing more in the future!!!)

    cute pup :)

  2. @Megan Thanks for reading, Megan! What is your favourite place to visit (or live) in Germany?


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