Saturday, September 3, 2011

lunch at café cuba

We went for lunch at Café Cuba in Sliema this weekend. It was either eat out or make a meal out of the remaining items in our fridge: pickles, margarine, and celery. Uh, pass.

Café Cuba was a welcome surprise. Located on the Strand, it just opened this year and has one of the best menus we've seen on the island for a casual dining establishment. It offers a surprisingly large selection of Maltese foods, interesting sandwiches, pastas, pizzas, and desserts. No, you won't find  Cuban food on the menu. But they do sell a full range of cocktails, many made with rum. Which is sort of Cuban. And they have a decent wine list, but not many wines are available by the glass.

Nestled inside the restaurant, Café Cuba also has a real wood-fired pizza oven that produces authentic Neopolitan pizza.

And it was the best pizza we've had in Malta, ever.

We ordered the mozzarella & aubergine pizza. We watched it cook in the oven, as the pizza-guy tossed it around with such skill it was like watching pizza dance. Café Cuba - the guy who makes your pizza has skills.It came piping hot to our table, and was a perfect ratio of light, thin crust, sauce and cheese. We find that generally the pizzas in Malta have not enough sauce and too much cheese. But this pizza was simply perfect.

We also had the Lebanese chicken salad which came with freshly grilled chicken on a bed of greens. It could have used some vinagrette to kick up the flavour a bit but this was also one of the better chicken salads we have had in Malta. The chicken was obviously prepared just before it was tossed into the salad, instead of having been grilled ahead of time and added to the salad cold. I also ordered a fresh apple, basil and lime juice which was really, really good.

Our total bill came to around €30 for three drinks, a pizza and a salad. Not bad. We were also quite impressed with their cheerful and speedy service. We will certainly be repeat customers.

Café Cuba - we're so glad we found you.

- Jess

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  1. that salad looks so good! I must admit I've only been there once, and just for a quick coffee. I've heard a lot of great things though lately about the place, I should go again sometime.

  2. okay that lunch looks delish :) haha cute blog! happy to have found you!


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