Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mike's Thanksgiving Weekend

Two posts in one week, this has to be a record for me.

My whole family, parents, siblings and our neighbours (who are our adopted extended family) came home to Nova Scotia for Canadian Thanksgiving this month. It was our first gathering of everyone in one place in over a year.

We had a great time apple picking, getting our rental van stuck in mud after apple picking, and listening to old drunk men (I'm looking at you, David) make inappropriate references to the shape of the Thanksgiving gourd centrepiece on our table.

My immediate family, dogs included, also hiked 16 kilometres to Cape Split, Nova Scotia in anticipation of the extra turkey calories on Thanksgiving weekend.

Family Apple Picking
Ellie Apple Picking

Minas Basin, Nova Scotia, Canada
Jack and I at Cape Split, Nova Scotia

Cape Split, Nova Scotia, Canada
Winnie got too tired to walk 12 kilometers into our hike
Enjoying the hot Thanksgiving weather - at 26 degrees Celsius it was hotter than Malta

Dear Family, it was great to see you all and I look forward to our next crazy reunion. But maybe we'll do a shorter hike next time.



  1. Hey,
    I just wanted to say I really enjoy your blog posts, I've been following you for a while but never commented. But after seeing those beautiful photos I had to say something! Your writing style is so interesting and your photos perfect, reading both of your posts is often the highlight of my week. Sitting in dreary England makes me want to see Canada more and more, and I reckon the Nova Scotia board of Tourism should cut you a cheque!
    Ever a loyal reader

  2. @Anonymous Thank you for your lovely words Rosie, we are so pleased that you enjoy reading.

  3. Hi Mike and Jess,

    Beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for sharing them with your readers and being such a great ambassador for Nova Scotia! Rosie is right. You're doing great things to promote the beautiful province we live in.

    All the best,

    Cynthia (from


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