Thursday, October 27, 2011

Try Something New Where You Live

During my Big Day Downtown over the weekend (read about Part I at Spirit Urban Spa here, and Part II at Chives Bistro here) Mike and I also took a couple of hours to wander around the city and pop into some new shops we had never been to before. We stumbled into Inkwell Boutique - which has the most gorgeous and unique stationary and prints for less than your average Hallmark card. And we also went to Oddjects, where some Illy Italian coffee was brewing that reminded us of 'home' (Malta). 

We think that it's great to 'be a tourist' wherever you live and to try new things. Many people never discover a fraction of the richness of the places they live in, and get stuck in a rut going to their favourite shops, parks, and restaurants over and over. But cities and countries are living things, and you can miss a lot of unique experiences if you don't seek out what's new and changing in your neighbourhood. You don't always have to go far, or spend much, to get the same kind of experiences that travelling provides: learning, inspiration, enjoyment. At least that's what we keep telling ourselves as the travel bug nips at our toes. 

If you're one of our new Halifax readers, have you tried anything new downtown lately? Did you recently discover a great new shop or restaurant? A new favourite park? Do share.
- Jess
while we wandered we found something 'new' at privateer's wharf in halifax that we'd never seen before...
this looks good on him, yes? 

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