Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Tree Lighting, Halifax

Last weekend we went to the Christmas tree lighting in Halifax's Parade Square (the City Hall is the building covered in scaffolding). Everyone there was raving about how warm it was (4 degrees Celsius) while we shivered and cursed our frozen extremities the whole night. We saw people wearing shorts. Shorts! Canadians are crazy.

Not that we can shrug off that Canadian label. We warmed up with a beer and watched Hockey Night in Canada at a local pub (doing out bit for small business Saturday!) after the tree lighting. The only thing that would have made us feel more Canadian is a platter of maple syrup pancakes and poutine. Now there's an idea...

- Jess


  1. Mmmm pancakes and real maple syrup. I'm craving it now lol. Pretty tree!

  2. Gorgeous tree! You look so pretty :)

  3. Oh wow!! Are those acrobats swinging above the christmas tree? The colors turned out amazingly.


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