Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dog Friendly Venues in Malta

We get a lot of questions about importing and owning dogs in Malta so I thought I would share this Facebook group with you dedicated to sharing information about dog friendly venues in Malta. Genius! Some listed business include Cafe Cuba and Amigo's in Sliema, Angelica's in Valletta, and the Portomaso CafĂ©. I'll add to that list the restaurants in Xlendi Bay, Gozo - we went there last winter with the pups (pictures below) and were welcomed with open arms. 

I have one paper left to write and then I can finally write for fun! I'm counting down the days...

- Jess


  1. I would actually prefer to find places in Malta without dogs, especially when I am running or walking.

  2. @andreasmoserHi Andreas,

    Most parks in Malta do not allow dogs so those might be great places to go walking or running (like Ta Qali).




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