Friday, November 25, 2011

Malta Holiday Gift Guide

Every Friday until Christmas we'll be posting a holiday gift guide for the people on your list who love travelling and exploring the cities they live in. We've listed prices below in both US Dollars and Euros.

I'm seriously craving that Kusmi Detox Tea we had last year skiing in Chamonix, perfect for warming you up on those cold, damp winter days in Malta. And David Rocco's Made in Italy is definitely on my wish list this year - if we didn't have his (beautifully designed) Dolce Vita we would never have learned to cook with the local ingredients when we were living in Malta last year. But my favourite gift on this list is sponsoring a dog or a cat at the SPCA Malta. We sponsored a senior dog named Kiki this summer and, having volunteered with the SPCA Malta, we can tell you that your funds are helping lots of beautiful animals to live comfortably and find the right home.

- Jess

1. Hunter rubber boots $125-$130/ €90-€95for Maltese winter rain storms. these are a huge trend in north america right now.
2. David Rocco's Dolce Vita by David Rocco $40/ €30a beautiful introduction to mediterranean cuisine.
3. Made in Italy by David Rocco $21/ €16a follow up to Dolce Vita.
4. Kusmi Detox Tea $19/€14for chilly winter days, or the morning after a visit to paceville.
5. Heritage Malta Membership $56/€40 per person or $97/€70 per familyfree admission to all Heritage Malta sites (except the Hypogeum) for one year. We purchased these last year and they were a great deal, we saved a lot of money and kept busy visiting museums and historical sites all year.
6. Delicata's Dolcino Rosé Wineone of our favourite (inexpensive, but better than the label looks) maltese wines.
7. Sponsor a Dog or a Cat at the SPCA Malta $1.40/€1 per week or $72/€52 per yearyou'll feel all warm and fuzzy, just like the animals you're helping.
8. The Way We Ate: Memories of Maltese Meals by Matty Cremona $80/€59a maltese cook book that's on my wish list too!
9. Teatru Manoel Gift Vouchers, available in any denominationcan be redeemed for performances during the 2012/2013 season including plays, musicals, recitals, concerts, opera & dance.
10. Bellino Panettone (2 pack) $16/€12 nothing says Maltese Christmas like panettone cakes.
11. Malta: Phoenician, Punic & Roman (Malta's Living Heritage Series) by A. Bonnano $33/€25, these four books form a set about Maltese history. highly recommended, beautiful images and illustrations.
12. Malta: The Medieval Millennium (Malta's Living Heritage Series) by Charles Dalli $27/€20
13. Malta: Prehistory and Temples (Malta's Living Heritage Series) by David H. Trump $33/€25
14. Malta: The Order of St. John (Malta's Living Heritage Series) by Thomas Freller $56/€42
15. iTunes gift card, available in any denomination, iTunes content is newly available to purchase in Malta! get your new music collection started with a gift card.


  1. This is such a nice post idea, I've been thinking of doing something similar over on the expat blog but once or twice a week featuring one great item. can be hard to know what to buy in Malta as its quite limited but these are all great! xx

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  2. Great post! I'm actually still debating on whether or not to buy a pair of boots this year. Though since I walk to work and it is now the beginning of rainy season here in Malta I'm thinking I might just cave and buy some. Prices have definitely changed though since I was a kid!
    I'm not sure why, but this purchase is a little weird for me. 1. I haven't worn them since I was a kid haha and 2. Its not a huge fashion trend in Malta so I think everyone might laugh at me. But at least I can laugh back when I"m the one that's dry while sitting in the office all day :)

  3. @Angela Hunters are great! I wonder if they'll make it big in Europe eventually? It seems everyone and their cousin has them here. You can also buy boot socks (liners) to put in them for those particularly cold days. I'm coveting a pair of black hunter's with wedge heels: a little more versatile, but pricey!

  4. nice! xo

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway for an arty-oval style ring if you'd like to check it out. :)


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