Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Camera!

We got a new camera! We wanted something small for travelling, but with the power of a DSLR, so we did a lot of research and decided that a 3/4 camera would work nicely for our needs. We had been shooting with a five year old Sony Cybershot which has been missing a few buttons and parts for the past two years, so the upgrade was needed. We settled on the Sony NEX 5 and we are very pleased.

The Sony NEX 5 has the body of a point and shoot but the ability to swap out lenses. If you're in the United States you can get the camera plus two lenses for the price of one regular priced NEX 5 (lucky!) and in Canada it's available at most photography and electronics stores. 

It was impossibly difficult to find reliable information online when we were researching cameras, but the knowledgable folks at Atlantic Photo Supply pointed us to, which was really helpful.

Now if we could only find the time to go neat places to take pictures...

- Jess


  1. Aw, that second photo is so cute! I need a good small camera! I'm going to check this out now. Thanks for sharing Jess!

  2. So exciting! I love the idea of a camera that's a bit smaller for travelling, but still a bit more powerful than a point and shoot. It looks like you made a great choice!

    That second photo of the dogs is hilarious! So cute.


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