Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Storing Your Stuff: Renting Storage Space in Malta

(updated January 2012) 

We accumulated a lot of 'stuff' (including a car, deck furniture, and forty textbooks) during our last year living in Malta. We had to store everything somewhere while we divided our time between Canada and Europe this year. We looked into several options, including professional storage companies, and decided that the best option for us was to rent a local garage that we could fit our boxes and furniture in, as well as our car.

We were able to find a very reasonably priced garage to let in a village in the south of Malta for €200 for four months through MaltaPark. The garage was located in a residential area, had ventilation (important for damp Maltese weathers), and a good security system.

We took the (apparently unusual) step of getting insurance for the goods we had stored. We arranged this through our local insurance broker, who was very confused about why anyone would want to insure their belongings, since, after all, there is very little theft in Malta and rock built houses don't often burn down to the ground. Being from Canada where insuring apartments and private goods is very common, we simply felt more comfortable knowing that our stuff was insured in case anything should happen while we were out of the country. For us, it was money well spent, but your Maltese insurance broker may (with good intentions) suggest otherwise.

Because it is unusual to insure private belongings in Malta we purchased corporate goods insurance, and had to have the owner of our garage unit fill out some paperwork for us. This was pretty easy.

Mike did a lot of great research about preparing your car to be stored for an extended period of time. Things you should do include filling the gas tank and windshield/windscreen washer fluid, as well as plugging the exhaust pipe with something (so small animals don't crawl up it) and leaving yourself a note to remember to unplug it before you start your car again.

We then boxed up all our stuff, cleaned out our little blue car, and locked the door. Hopefully when we get back in January everything is just as we left it!

If you're temporarily leaving Malta, you might also want to consider forwarding your mail to a P.O. Box. We had one set up at our local Post branch in Malta. It cost about €100 for the forwarding and P.O. Box set up for two people, but it is cheaper if you only need one name on the box.

update - we retrieved our belongings out of the garage after four months and everything was in pretty good shape. some things were damp, especially cardboard boxes that had been left on the floor of the garage. one of our book shelves was mouldy (always a risk in the damp maltese winters) and everything was coated in a thin layer of dust (also to be expected). other than that we were pleased with the conditions of our goods. certainly beats hauling them between two continents!

- Mike + Jess


  1. Hi Mike and Jess

    This was really helpful. I am hoping to move to Malta this year (as soon as I sell my house here in England) and havebeen trying to find our how much it would cost to store my house contents until I buy something in Malta. I am coming to Malta in March for a week to view properties. How long have you lived there and how have you found it? All the best Lynn

    1. Hello Lynn,

      Thanks for your lovely comment. We have lived in Malta for a total of one year and a half (spread out over several trips). We absolutely love it here, and we hope you do too! Do let us know how you get on with your house search.

      All the best,


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