Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Obladee Wine Bar + Waterfront Christmas Market, Halifax

We're back! I finished all of my school work the first weekend of December. Yes, two weeks early and twenty one papers later, it truly was a Christmas miracle. Mike and I are now using our free time together to prepare for the holidays, to prepare for our upcoming move (our tickets are booked!), and to make the most of our last month in Halifax by spending the holidays with our family and friends.

This week I lunched with my mum at Pipa restaurant on Argyle Street, Halifax, after having been told by some little birds on Twitter that they had the real deal sangria. The Portuguese/Brazilian food at Pipa was interesting and yummy but the sangria was not the magical Spanish style sangria that I've been longing for since our trip to Valencia last November. I was a little disappointed, and so the sangria search continues.

Mike and I also popped into Obladee Wine Bar on Barrington Street, Halifax, this week. Obladee has a fairly priced and extensive wine menu. I ordered the German Riesling and Mike had a local Nova Scotian white. Both were lovely. We paired them with firm, nutty cheeses, a Valencian Serrano, olives, sweet pickles, mango chutney, spicy pepper jelly, and French baguette. It was excellent, but the whole wine bar experience made us miss Malta terribly. Let's be honest, European cheeses, olives, cured meats and bread are just about all we ate last year.

After Obladee we braved the cold (and I mean cold) and visited the first European style Waterfront Christmas Market at the Piazza at Bishop's Landing. We think the market is a nice concept and we hope it gains popularity in years to come.

In other news, there has been some pretty neat stuff happening around here lately. I can't let you in on all the details just yet, but let's just say our lives have just gotten a whole lot stranger (yes, apparently that's possible) and more exciting in these past few weeks. If you haven't completely given up on our blog this autumn (I know, it was pretty quiet around here for awhile) you might want to continue sticking around to see what happens in the next few months.

 - Jess

Obladee wine bar, Halifax 
Obladee wine bar, Halifax
The Christmas Market at the Piazza, Bishop's Landing, Halifax

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