Friday, December 9, 2011

Traveller's Holiday Gift Guide

  1. Joby Gorillapod Tripod from $39.95/€30 never take an awkward photo of yourself again while you're on the road! we purchased the gorillapod last year before it became a huge, worldwide hit. it is so useful for getting the perfect shot while traveling. highly recommended. 
  2. Lug Nap Sac travel pillow and blanket $24.95/€19 i love this bright coloured blanket and pillow set, from this super trendy Canadian travel goods company, Lug.
  3. MEC Shuttle Travel Pack $62 (CAD)/€45 this is mike's favourite travel bag, with a strap that converts from a backpack to a shoulder bag it's great for manoeuvring through busy airports and underground stations. 
  4. Pebble Portable Charger $37.95/€29 we love this! holds up to three charges for your mobile device. great for traveling when you don't always have access to a plug-in, this keeps your devices charged while you're on the go. 
  5. Jewelry Travel Case $22/€17 never lose an earring in your suitcase again.
  6. Bombay Duck Luggage Tag £5.45/$8/€6 cuter than those giant 'THIS IS MY BAG' ribbons and straps, you'll recognize your bag on the conveyor belt faster with these unique little luggage tags.
  7. Bombay Duck Passport Cover £7.45/$11.50/€9 not only is this passport cover super cute, but it makes your passport big and bright in your bag, so it's easy for you to spot and grab when you're in long airport lineups. 
  8. Pocket Projector $109/€82 this was the best purchase we made last year. we use our pocket projector instead of a TV, which was particularly useful on hot summer nights in malta for watching movies on our terrace. we also take it with us when we travel for those nights when you feel like lying low in a hotel room or watching a romantic movie in a city park. ours holds a charge for up to 3 hours and can hook up to a computer, satellite, cable box, or mobile device to stream TV, movies or presentations. how genius is that? we think this projector is a good equivalent, for price point, to the one we purchased (ours is from germany). plus this projector has a direct plug in for USB and SD cards, and projects images up to 50". use with the joby gorillapod to project anything, anywhere.
  9. TripIt App. Free, or 1 year premium subscription $49/€37. this app saved our butts last year when we were traveling throughout europe. it keeps all of your flight and hotel information in one place, sends you flight updates, and allows you to share your trip plans with family, friends and colleagues. plus it keeps track of your travel stats - thanks to TripIt i can tell you that last year we travelled to 25 cities in 11 countries - a total distance of 40,557 km!
  10. G-Form Extreme Laptop/iPad Cases from $34.95/€26. we travel with our laptops, and if you travel with electronics you know they can take a beating when you're on the go. this case is tested to withstand just about anything. sounds good to us.
  11. Kindle from $79/€60 much lighter than packing a stack of books!
  12. Sony Nex 3 3/4 Digital SLR Camera & 18-55 mm lens $469/€355 we bought this camera this autumn and we love it. it's smaller than a traditional DSLR camera so it's much easier to travel with, but still has all the power of the DSLR camera with interchangeable lenses. read more here.
  13. Luggage Weight $18.84/€14 take it from us, don't rely on your bathroom scale to weigh your luggage...or you might end up with every bag 4 pounds over weight at the airport 10 minutes before your flight takes off. a luggage weight is much more reliable. 
  14. iPhone camera lens $28.95/€22 a great alternative to lugging a camera around the world, these teeny tiny lenses are amazing! and powerful, see examples of photos taken with these lenses here (plus, wearing them on a necklace is kind of adorable). 


  1. I'm going to have to check out those iPhone camera lenses! Awesome.

  2. I must have item #1!!! where can I get that from??

    Classic & Bubbly

  3. @Stesha Hi Stesha, you can buy them off Amazon (the price above is also the link!) or at your local photography supply store.

  4. Here is my wishlist:


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