Thursday, December 15, 2011

A White Christmas?

It's been grey lately, but it's always grey in this city. What has been truly remarkable about the weather around here this autumn (thank you, Halifax!) is the mild temperatures we've been having. I can't even complain that it won't be a white Christmas this year (there's only a 47% chance) when it's fourteen degrees Celsius in the middle of December. Fourteen degrees is like a warm summer night here guys. Please share in our delight.

Several weeks ago my mum and I were talking about how her Christmases were always white. It wasn't even a question or whether or not there would be snow with Santa, there just was. I can remember a few white Christmases as a small child, but for the past decade or so there has very rarely been snow on the ground around Halifax come December 25. Does it snow for Christmas where you live? Did it used to?

I wouldn't want to mislead you into thinking that Halifax never gets snow. You can bet your bottom dollar there will be snow here in January and, if we're really lucky, we might even get flurries for Easter. The really cold weather just takes a little longer reaching the East Coast, and to make up for the slow start it stays longer.

Haligonians have this truly wonderful exuberance for summer. I wonder where that comes from?

- Jess

Christmas shopping. no joke.

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