Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Italian Mimosa

I'll be rounding off this week with a drink recipe everyday. No, I'm not turning into a lush, I'm working my way through David Rocco's newest cookbook, Made in Italyand I thought it was high time I learned to make some regionally inspired drinks.

This Italian version of a mimosa couldn't be easier. To start, juice a couple oranges. Ideally, blood red oranges, but really whatever you can get your hands on. Mine were from Sicily, perfectly in season and absolutely sublime. But there's always Tropicana in an emergency. (Mimosa emergencies, they do happen people.)

Next, add prosecco. And you're done.

Besides being delicious, Mike and I have a head cold and mimosas contain vitamin C. Studying a cookbook and getting my vitamins. Mom would be proud.

- Jess

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