Friday, February 24, 2012

Jess: Favourite Vienna moments + Vienna in photos

Favourite Vienna moments:
  1. Three course Valentine's lunch at Le Loft, Vienna with a view over the Viennese skyline. The sun came out for the first time all weekend and we had an unparalleled view of the Stephansdom cathedral's amazing roof. It was perfect.
  2. Guided audio tour of Schonbrunn Palace. This felt like touring the most incredible and intimate family home. Plus you can't beat the 'crowds' in February. We practically had the place to ourselves.
  3. Skating at Rathaus (City Hall). I played photographer while Mike and Jan took a lap of the huge outdoor skating complex. It was a fantastic glimpse into how the Viennese make the most of winter.
  4. Visiting the Albertina Museum. Two impressive exhibitions were on view: Impressionism drawings and watercolours, and Magritte. The exhibitions were superb, and the Bellinis at the museum cafe weren't bad either.
  5. Seeing the ballet at the Vienna State Opera House. We felt truly Viennese attending this incredible show of athleticism and artistry. Plus the people watching wasn't bad either. Viennese ladies certainly know how to dress for the ballet, dahling.
  6. Watching Mike learn German. Anything containing an accidental obscene reference was particularly amusing to him. The highway sign for ausfahrt (exit) sent him into a fit of giggles every time. It was a good reminder to lighten up when I was getting particularly grumpy about the cold. Which reminds me, it was 2.7°C/36.9°F colder in Malta than it should have been in the month of February. Yes, an average of 9.6°C/49.3°F isn't cold, per say, but still. Summer can't come soon enough.
- Jess

cafe europe, stephansplatz, vienna

zipfer, local austrian beer (good)

stephansplatz, vienna

cafe at kunsthistoriches museum, book (three weeks!) in advance for sunday lunch

kunsthistoriches museum, vienna

kunsthistoriches museum, vienna

vienna state opera house

vienna state opera house

vienna, home of mozart

ballet at the vienna state opera

stephansdom, vienna

stephansdom, vienna 
rathaus/city hall, vienna
ice skating at city hall, vienna

that is a genuine smile, because i was wearing jan's down coat and for the first time all weekend i was warm.

schonbrunn palace

rachel whiteread's monument to the holocaust, judenplatz, vienna
valentine's lunch at le loft, vienna (incredible 18th storey view of the city)

rathaus/city hall 

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  1. i went to college in vienna.... these photos make me wanna scream i miss it so bad. thinking i need to jump on the 'mid-twenties-move-abroad' train.

    jealous of your beautiful life :).


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