Thursday, February 16, 2012

Marsaxlokk Market: Winter Edition

There is a decidedly different feel to the Marsaxlokk market in the winter (see it in the summer here). We went a couple of weekends ago and during the middle of our visit it poured. This would never happen at the summer market, but at least in Malta rain is quick and dirty. Everyone ran for cover under the makeshift plastic roofs of the market stalls, laughing as they got completely soaked by the torrential downpour that lasted ten minutes before the sun shone through again. Ah, Maltese winter. It may be gentle by most standards, but we are still ready for it to be over around here.

What changes most at the market season to season? Most noticeably there are fewer tourists and more locals. Less al fresco dining. A lot of fresh produce, but most seems imported. The fish on offer is also seasonal - think less lampuki/dentex, more octopus and swordfish.

And most excitingly a new bakery stand has popped up. Like I needed another reason to visit the market every weekend.


Prinojlata is a seasonal Carnival treat. It is goey, nutty and sweet cake, and represents the indulgences of Carnival. You can buy small prinjolatas, or have a slice shaved off of this playfully large creation on display at the market. I agree with this article after having tasted it: prinjolata is more fun to look at than to actually eat.

We are gearing up for Carnival this weekend. Do you have Carnival where you live? What are your Carnival plans?

- Jess

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