Friday, February 3, 2012

Roadside Shrines

If you've ever been to the Mediterranean you've likely seen roadside shrines before. This one is near Wied Babu and the Blue Grotto in Malta. They line the roads of Malta, dedicated to one saint or another (most commonly the Virgin Mary), bright with the colours of plastic flowers during the day and flickering with candlelight at night.

Roadside shrines are very common in Greece, as we saw when we took a roadtrip through the Greek countryside last April. In Greece they were normally accompanied by a bottle of liquid which was either gasoline, kerosine, or urine. If you've been to, or are from Greece, do you know?

roadside shrine in the central Greek mountains. see the bottle?
I won't claim any special knowledge about roadside shrines, but I do think they are a unique expression of local culture. What do the roadside shrines in your home country say about its culture? Now there's an idea for a research paper...

Wow. I am such a student.

- Jess


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