Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Salzburg, Austria

We took a quick trip to Salzburg while in Austria last week and wandered the streets of the centuries old city, visited the Salzburg museum, cathedral, and Hohensalzburg castle. It was a lovely day trip and a great chance to spend time with Mike's parents, who were super-troopers having just gotten over the stomach flu. Seriously, not one complaint. I now know where Mike gets it from.

Salzburg is home of the Sound of Music, and was the backdrop for the 1965 film. Did you know that at the end of the film when the von Trapp family hikes over a mountain to Switzerland to escape the Nazis, they are actually climbing a mountain outside Salzburg that leads straight to Germany? Switzerland is on the other side of Austria. These are the kind of facts you learn when your boyfriend is a walking encyclopedia. 
- Jess
ps - tomorrow - Mauthausen concentration camp.

schmuck means jewelry in german.
lunch at the salzburg museum cafe with mike's parents

view of salzburg from the funicular to hohensalzburg castle
marionette museum, hohensalzburg castle
torture chamber, hohensalzburg castle

salzburg skyline
hohensalzburg castle skyline

salzburg cathedral dome, rebuilt after wwii

salzburg cathedral


  1. Whenever I am in Salzburg, it's damn cold.

    You sound far more receptive to your boyfriend's encyclopaedic knowledge than my wife is to mine. I just keep talking and talking, while she is checking out the shops or caf├ęs.

    1. I think encyclopaedic people are fascinating, they have a lot to teach!

  2. Gorgeous pics, as always! I had no idea that hill they climbed led into Germany. Interesting!

  3. Absolutly fantastic blog!
    You should consider Bosnia as a destination :)


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