Monday, February 27, 2012

Sunrise, Sliema

I've written about the gorgeous sunsets in Malta here and posted pictures last summer here but sunrise is really my favourite time of day. When we are traveling (even though early morning flights are a pain) I love walking through a city, suitcase in tow, while the streets are empty save for early morning delivery vans full of produce or fresh loafs of bread.

I love the quiet of sunrise, and the feeling that today is new and anything can happen.

I used to roll my eyes a little when people gushed about the quality of light in this or that place. But once you've travelled a bit you begin to understand. A winter light in Canada is far different from that in Malta, and even more different from Malta's summer light. The blue of the sky is different too.

It is still one of my favourite things about this place that the sunshine and the limestone interact in a way that makes the whole country glow during sunset and sunrise. Mike and I call it the magic time of day, and when one of us notices that glow (happening right now at 5:30 pm as I'm writing) we say it's the magic time.

Are you rolling your eyes yet?

- Jess

sunrise on the strand

sunrise in sliema
the first sun of the day in sliema. magic.


  1. Great great photos of our lovely island =) thanks


  2. omg! these photos are gorgeous. What breathtaking views!

  3. Definitely NO eye rolling going on. The picture with the moon in the sky is just magical.

  4. Found your blog while playing on pinterest, and I recognized you from the International House Hunters show. I was born in Malta, and I just love that you both are so happy there. Thanks for sharing all the photos and little piece of your life.


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