Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Caffe Luna, Malta

Dining in the garden of 18th century Palazzo Parisio - Malta's mini Versailles - at Caffe Luna is a luxuriously relaxing treat. With its symmetrically manicured hedges, citrus trees, hibiscus, bougainvillaea, and twisting walking paths, the gardens are truly a delight. The perfect place to idle away an afternoon with a cup of tea or a few glasses of the palazzo's own house wine.

Last weekend we had the pleasure of doing just that. Lunch was a platter of sandwiches (no crusts!) to share for two: chicken and chutney, creamed cheese and herbs, tuna, ham and cheese. Simple and delicious. Throw in a bottle of Cisk (local Maltese beer), a bottle of still water, the Palazzo Parisio's own chardonnay, a tray of St. Patrick's Day themed desserts - brownie in irish whiskey, lime cheesecake, shortcake with english toffee, baileys ice cream - and a pot of flowering jasmine tea and I was in heaven. And not only is the food good, the bill won't shock you (ours was €30), and the service is superb.

Many visitors to Malta don't know about Palazzo Parisio and its trio of fantastic food establishments - Caffe Luna, Luna di Sera, and the Luna Lounge. But for an entirely unique dining experience on the island you simply must go. While you are there take the time to wander around the palazzo's famous gardens and enjoy the exotic plants and fruit trees. Caffe Luna is also a good place to take children, and on the weekend you will see many families dining al fresco while their little ones play with the toys thoughtfully tucked into a corner of the courtyard. You will feel equally at ease here on a business lunch, or having a romantic meal for two. 

Cafe Luna is open daily from 9am to 6pm. Continental and English breakfast is served 9am to 11am, traditional English tea is served from 3pm to 6pm, and their regular menu is served all day. Luna di Sera (menu hereand the Luna Lounge are open for evening diners, with live music at the Lounge on Saturday nights.

Caffe Luna and Palazzo Parisio are my very favourite place to relax in Malta. I get the same feeling here that I do in a spa (minus the awkwardness of being naked in front of strangers) - all insta-zen and luxurious. Where do you find your insta-zen? At a restaurant? At a beach? On a massage table? In an armchair with a good book?

 - Jess

dinign al fresco at Caffe Luna at Palazzo Parisio (can you spot Mike? hint: he's wearing black)
St. Patrick's themed dessert tray at Caffe Luna (so good!)

flowering jasmine tea


  1. This sounds like an idyllic afternoon! All of that food+drink for just 30 euros? Nice!

  2. Look at those desserts! What gorgeous surroundings.

  3. Must. Go. Here. !!! I love the glass tea cups. And that you bought a membership. :) Thanks for sharing!


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