Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Have a Half Hour to Spare?

Of course you do.

make kony famous

Watch this. (With a box of tissue next to you.) Then pass it on.
Want to do more?
 Sign the pledge here.

Want to learn more?
Read about the conflict.
The filmmakers also made other documentaries (they were also on Oprah)
FAQ about the non-profit non-partisan organization Invisible Children.
And to be fair, criticisms of Invisible Children (and responses) here, here and here, including Invisible Children's response to criticism here.
Because one of the biggest messages of this campaign is that knowledge is power.

 - Jess
ps. Ideas for bloggers to share this story here.


  1. I almost clicked on it but I didn't because I don't think I'm ready to cry :( I had a rough night of no sleep but I will come back later!

    I have a Kate Spade giveaway, come on ovah!

  2. I've been involved with Invisible Children for about six years now. It's crazy to see how much this has spread, and so quickly.

  3. i'm sharing this post on twitter if that's ok!


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