Monday, March 26, 2012

Hello, Gozo!

Last weekend we hopped on a ferry to Gozo, Malta's smaller sister island. Mike spent the day rock climbing on 180 foot/60 meter cliffs (his idea of fun) and I spent the day catching up on some reading (my idea of fun). It was blissful.

I understand why so many people keep summer and retirement homes in Gozo. While part of the same country, there is something beautifully unique, almost quirky, about this little island. Its subtle differences from Malta make escaping here for a day feel like a short vacation. Driving through its lush green, terraced hills we remarked more than once just how gorgeous Gozo is. Life seems to be a little slower here, a little calmer, a bit more colourful. And coming here in the off season makes it even better. Not that we don't love and appreciate tourists in Malta, but feeling as though you have the whole island to yourself is kind of magic.

- Jess

the gorgeous Gozitan countryside
with a view of the Azure Window (Game of Thrones fans - the Dothraki parts of the show were filmed there!)

church restoration gozo

british telephone box malta gozo

big rocks gozo

terraced hills rubble walls gozo
gozo is known for its terraced hills. the rubble walls are used for agricultural purposes to deter erosion

limestone cliffs gozo

limestone walls gozo

rock formations gozo
can you spot the sunbather?
gozo country seaside

gozo countryside spring flowers

gozo salt pans seaside
seaside salt pans, gozo


  1. Goodness gracious, it's so beautiful here. I would probably be like you and reading! I'm definitely not a fan of heights!

  2. wow incredible. it almost looks a little like ireland witht he cliffs and grass

    1. for a limited time only! we've had a wet winter, in the summer all the green will be gone as we go for months without rain. are parts of spain the same way?


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