Friday, March 9, 2012

Mdina By Night

I hadn't been to Mdina at night before last weekend when we joined friends at the newly opened Sharma restaurant for dinner (good food, slow and sloppy service). Mdina is also known as the Silent City, presumably since this little citadel town has very few cars and is pin-drop quiet at night. With its backdrop of dramatic rock walls and narrow, winding alleys, if it weren't for the electric lights you might believe you had traveled back to medieval times. Day or night, Mdina has a magical quality, and that's what makes it one of my favourite places on this little island.

What's your favourite historical city?

Here's to a great weekend. Before you sign off for the week, why don't you check out:

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- Jess


  1. Exploring cities by night is so different from exploring cities by day! SO much more magical and mysterious for some reason :)

    I really enjoyed going to the night market in Zanzibar (in Stone Town) - it was incredible!


    1. Just did a quick image search, Stone Town in Zanzibar is gorgeous! Lucky you :)

  2. I really love Amsterdam at night - seeing the lights sparkling in the canals is always so pretty. I visited Mdina when I was in Malta, and loved it - I can imagine how peaceful it would be at night!

  3. Santiago de Compostela! I lived there for a year and it makes me so happy to look at pictures! x

    1. I've studied a lot about Santiago de Compostela's art history, it's definitely on my bucket list!


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