Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mint Cafe, Sliema

I've been to Mint Cafe in Sliema three four times now - twice with a friend and twice with Mike. And it's quickly become my favourite cafe on the island. Not only does it have a lovely relaxed atmosphere - it's  the kind of cafe that invites you to come in and stay awhile - but the food and service is incredible. Their ingredients are fresh, different from all other cafes in Malta, and served with a smile. Of course, it helps that Mint serves some of my favourite things: quiche, pavlova, and homemade lemonade. But it gets better.

Mint is a New Zealand-style cafe and reminds me of the very best of Canadian, American, or British-style cafe/bistros (the kind of thing I used to complain Malta lacked in). Don't get me wrong, I love a good Italian-style Maltese cafe just as much as the next person. But high quality healthy (vegan, gluten-free, and diabetic) dining options? Not typically featured in an Italian-style cafe.

Mint also offers a small selection of cookbooks and ingredients available to purchase (Maldon salt! Hoorah!). It's open 8am-7pm, Tuesday to Friday and 9am-7pm on weekends. It has outdoor, indoor, and takeaway dining options. Mint's outdoor terrace is also pet friendly and the whole cafe has wi-fi (ask staff for the password). Tip: if you're craving quiet, go in the morning or afternoon. This place fills up at lunch time. And it's cash only under €10.
- Jess

 three cheese quiche
homemade lemonade

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