Monday, March 12, 2012

A Stormy Weekend

What is it they say about March? In like a lion, out like a lamb?

This past weekend we had a real storm in Malta. A three days long, howling winds, rough seas, storm. And like most storms in Malta, it came down brown. 'Dirty rain' clouds hung over the islands Saturday morning covering the island in a layer of Saharan sand and the crashing waves and fog made the air salty and thick. It was one of the strangest storms I've ever seen.

I'm ready for that lamb-like weather any day now.

Also, it was daylight savings in North America last weekend, but not in Europe. For a limited time only there is a one-hour-less time difference. As if daylight savings (and Mondays) weren't confusing enough.
- Jess

sand clouds moving in over the Grand Harbour

saharan sand
sliema lido
waves make me nervous.

seaweed - on the other side of the street. those were some big waves.
up and over the kiosks

wet rocks? stay off. those pictures are not worth your life. 
the morning after and the sand is gone, but the waves stayed.


  1. You captured some amazing pics!! When I left out house saturday morning I was like, is this fog?? But then I noticed the mud rain on everything haha. So weird here- I'm still not used to the dirty rains.

  2. The pictures are amazing! The waves make me nervous too, we went down along the Sliema strand to watch them and got absolutely soaked, we stayed well back though! Our balcony is now covered in the red sand too! xx

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  3. That must have been some storm! So crazy! Glad you two are doing ok though!

  4. Oh my gosh! Stay inside! But great pics! :)


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